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Matrimelee - Shin Gouketuji Ichizoku

     To play as the RotD fighters (Elias, Jimmy, Jones, Lynn) do this at the character select screen [UP, UP, UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT]
        (note ; this is the Abubo code in RotD)

     To play as Sissy, the games boss, just pick any character and HOLD ABCD until the prefight screen appears.  If done correctly, Sissy will replace your fighter.

Most fighting games usually center around some sort of martial arts tournament, or a criminally insane freak hell bent on destroying the world. Not Matrimelee. In this game, people were fighting for the right to marry a cute (and most likely underage) princess with special powers. Combatants from all over the world gathered to see who would take the fair princess's hand in marriage, and there were also some who were competing in order to stop said marriage. Have you ever wanted to play as an 80-year-old grandma or grandpa? Matrimelee gave you that chance. Aside from the odd premise, there were other things that set Matrimelee apart from the rest of the SNK fighters. While normally you would receive some power for performing moves, that was not the case here. In fact, you only gained power for your super combos by getting attacked. On top of that, it was actually possible to block and counter immediately, but your opponent could just as easily do the same and counter your counter. All of this made Matrimelee one crazy, fast-paced fighting game. To add even more weirdness, Matrimelee is probably the only game ever to feature a remix of the classic "Wedding March" as a final boss theme.